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            当前位置: 医疗设备 > >黄疸仪




            • 类型:
            • 病理分析设备
            • 品牌名称:
            • HIPROVE
            • 产地:
            • 中国山东(大陆)
            • 型号:
            • MBJ20
            • 显示:
            • 三位数LCD显示
            • 方法:
            • 反射光
            • 自动:
            • 是的
            • 存储:
            • 50名患者
            • 使用方法:
            • 充电后至少500次
            • 证书:
            • CE ISO
            • 功率:
            • AAA电池
            • 安全分类:
            • IEC60601-1 I类,CF型
            • 平均测量功能:
            • 可设定2~5次
            • 校准:
            • +-50%
            • 包装细节:
            • 出口标准纸箱
            • 交货时间:
            • 在7-10天
            1 MBJ20经皮黄疸检测仪是一种便携式仪器,广泛应用于新生儿黄疸的动态临床检查
            2由于检测器置于新生儿皮肤上,因此可以立即且非侵入地确定与血清胆红素浓度相关的胆红素的经皮浓度。 这可以防止新生儿因抽取血样而产生任何不适,从而提高医生和护士的工作效率

            3 MBJ20经皮黄疸探测器采用先进的电子和光学技术开发,采用光纤,频谱分离器,受控频谱滤波器,NFM切换和信息处理技术。


             1. Liquid Crystal Display is easily viewable
            2. Streamlined design makes it small, delicate and easy to be handled.
            3. Long service life, low energy consumption.
            4. Battery indicator indicates when battery needs recharging.
            5. Test results are rapid providing serum bilirubin concentration.
            6. Storage and memory function.
            7. Convenient to browse and delete functions.
            8. Convenient self calibration.
            9. Easy use and maintenance.

             1. Display: LCD, 3 figures
            2. Power: AA 1.5V× 2 batteries
            3. Indicator light for ready: Green
            4. Measurement range: 0.0mg/dL ~30.0mg/dL;
            5. Measurement accuracy: Low+1.0mg/dL(+17μmol/L, rest ± 1.5mg/dL(± 25.5μmol/);
            6. Preparation time: <12 seconds
            7. Record function: Memory 20 latest measuring results and circularly reviews recorded data.
            8. Reexamination rate: <10%



            KJ-8000 Transcutaneous Jaundice Detector

            KJ-8000 is mainly used to measure transcutaneous bilirubin value relating to serum bilirubin value of newborns and infants. It is a kind of filtering medical testing instrument that blood sampling is not necessary and there is no pain or bacteria infection.,small volume ,light weight,easy for carrying ,direct reading,no conversion,endurable battery,exact ,quick , intuitionistic,no wound, intelligentized, miniaturization,convenient ,stable,reliable.
            checking method:reflecting light
            Display:Three digits LCD display on the big screen. The wrong data can be alarmed and deleted .the unit can be switched between mg/dl,umol/l freely .
            lamp-house: xenon flash light
            power:4.8v rechargeable battery
            measuring times:at least 500 times after charging .
            calibration function:automatic
            calibration screen:display “00.0” or“00.1”
            Average measurement function: 2~5 times can be set
            1. The general description

            a). The features of the Transcutaneous Jaundice Meter:
            The Transcutaneous Jaundice Meter of the new born baby is a high tech. product of
            integrating optical, mechanical and electronic sciences together by use of the
            advanced optical fiber and photoelectronic data processing technologies. When the
            meter is contacted with the skin of body, the value of transcutaneous jaundice, which
            is related to the concentration of the bilirubin in the blood serum, can be detected
            quickly without any pain to be given to the body. It can prevent the baby from a pain
            to be caused by repeated blood sampling and alleviate the difficulty to be brought
            about to the doctors and nurses in the course of blood sampling, when the meter is
            used in the clinic treatment.
            The Transcutaneous Jaundice Meter is not only elegant in appearance, small in
            volume, easy and safe for operation, but also quick for examining jaundice disaster of
            body without any pollution to be generated in the course, while being used. Therefore,
            it is regarded as a necessary instrument to be brought with for the doctor to make the
            rounds of the wards or visit a patient outside the hospital.

            b). The applicable scope of the Transcutaneous Jaundice Meter:
            The Transcutaneous Jaundice Meter of the new born baby is of a special instrument in
            a non-wound style for measuring the concentration of bilirubin in the body of a new
            born baby and for dynamically monitoring the pathologic and physiologic jaundice
            upon the a mature or premature baby in the new born baby department and at the
            baby’s house in the obstetrical department of the hospital.

            c).The classification of the transcutaneous jaundice meter:
            It has the highly bright LED in three digits to display the relative measurement data
            directly with unnecessary data conversion. The value of transcutaneous jaundice can be measured out instantly at the unit of mg/dl, while the instrument is contacting the skin of the body.