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            当前位置: 医疗耗材 >注射和输液产品 >玻璃注射器




            • 属性:
            • 注射和穿刺仪器
            • 产地:
            • 中国山东(大陆)
            • 品牌名称:
            • Hiprove或OEM
            • 尺寸:
            • 1ml,2.25ml,3ml,5ml; 1.5ml,2.5ml
            • 产品类型:
            • 鲁尔锁,鲁尔锥,带针
            • 包装:
            • 100pcs /盒,1500pcs / ctn
            • 功能:
            • 一般医疗或外科用途,美容业
            • 应用:
            • 油,液体药,透明质酸,护肤霜
            • 证书:
            • CE,ISO
            • 包装细节:
            • 100pcs /盒,1500pcs / ctn
            • 交货时间:
            • 7天内发货

            Prefillable cbd oil glass syringe

            All product details can be customized
            1:The syringe is made from heat resistant I-class borosilicate glass.
            2:The material and construction is resistant to breakage from shock and sudden temperature changes.
            3:It is annealed and tested until free of internal strain, to withstand repeated washing with hot water.
            4:The cylinder-plunger fit is leak proof and meets.
            5:Plunger is individually ground and fitted to barrel for smooth movement with no back flow.
            6:Barrel rim can be flat on both sides to prevent rolling or round type. It is wide enough for convenient finger top grip.
            7:The syringe can be clearly marked with graduations. The graduations are permanently fused for lifetime legibility.
            Function: general medical or surgical ues, Beauty industry
            Application: oil, liquid medicine, hyaluronic acid, skin care cream
            Product type: Luer lock, luer cone, with needle

            Term glass prefilled syringe
            Size  1ml,2.25ml,3ml,5ml; 1.5ml, 2.5ml
            Material heat resistant I-class  borosilicate glass.
            Packaging 100pcs/box, 1500pcs/ctn
            Payment terms T/T,L/C,Western Union,Paypal
            MOQ 100pcs
            Capacity 100000pieces/day
            Samples offered within 2 days 
            OEM Welcome
            Loading port Qingdao /Shanghai port or up to customer
            Delivery time 7 ~ 20 days and up to customer's quantity
            Certificate CE/ISO

            Specification of glass prefilled syringe:
            1ml Standard 1ml standard with needle (25G/27G)
            1ml standard luer
            1ml standard luer Lock (with rigid tip cap or flexible tip cap)
            1ml Long(slightness) 1ml long with needle (25G/27G )
            1ml long luer lock (with rigid tip cap or flexible tip cap)
            2.25ml luer slip
            2.25ml luer lock (with rigid tip cap or flexible tip cap)
            3ml 3ml Luer slip
            3ml Luer Lock (with rigid tip cap or flexible tip cap)
            5ml 5ml Luer

            5ml Luer Lock (with rigid tip cap or flexible tip cap)