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            • Instrument classification:
            • Class I
            • Product name:
            • High Quality Calcium Alginate Dressing
            • Material:
            • Aliginate fiber
            • Color:
            • White, black
            • Size:
            • 5x5cm, 7.5x7.5cm,10x10cm, 10x20cm, 15x20cm, 2x30cm, 2x40cm
            • Application:
            • Clinic
            • Certificate:
            • CE/ISO13485
            • Feature:
            • Safety
            • Usage:
            • Single-use
            • Packing:
            • Individual Pack
            • Silver:
            • with or not
            • 包装细节:
            • Individual Pack, 1pc/blister pouch, 5pc/box or 10pc/box or 20pc/box, carton package.
            • 交货时间:
            • 30 days after payment
            Alginate dressing is a kind of high-tech mixed by aliginate fiber which is refined from the natural seaweed plant and calcium ion throught special prescess.

            - Material: aliginate fiber;
            - Color: white, black;
            - Size: 5x5cm, 7.5x7.5cm,10x10cm, 10x20cm, 15x20cm, 2x30cm, 2x40cm;
            - With silver or not;
            - Weight: 200gsm, 300gsm;
            - Packing: Individual Pack, 1pc/blister pouch, 5pc/box or 10pc/box or 20pc/box, carton package.



            1. Excellence absorbency

            2. There is gel on the surface of the wound to provide moist environment which could speed up the healing process

            3. Ca→Na/Na←Ca could be changed Ca can activate prothrombin and accelerate the cruor

            4. Protect nerve erminals and reduce the pain

            5. Fiber could be bulgy after absorbing, and bacteria is locked inside fibers, therefore the dressing is bacteriostatic.


            Product instruction:

            Moisture absorption meachanism of cotton fiber and gauze pad

            Good absorbency and gelation capacity

            Viscosity coefficient>800cp Ash<0.5%, fiber denier:1.5D-2.5D

            Stength: 1.5g/D Elongation at break>10%

            Water absorption≥10, bacteriostasis ratio >80%



            1. It is the mixture of natural seaweed and calcium ion, and it has good histocompatibility.

            2. Gel could be formed when the dressing meets exudates and blood, skin then could be protected and would healing would be much faster.

            3. The dressing could absorb lots of exudates quickly, and it is soft and comfortable the skin.

            4. Release of calcium ion could activate prothrombin, and accelerate the cruor.

            5. It will not stick on the wound, it will protect the nerve terminals, reduce pain and easy to be peeled off from the skin.

            6. Maceration of the skin around the wound will not occur.

            7. It can be biologically degradable and enviornment-Friendly

            8. It is soft and can be filled in the wound, and enhance the growth of the cavity.



            1. All kind of moderate and high exdated wounds

            2. All kinds of acute and chronic wounds hemorrhagic wounds.

            Alginate Dressing with Silver


            Alginate Dressings