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            当前位置: 医疗设备 > >急救推车




            • Type:
            • First-Aid Devices
            • Brand Name:
            • HIPROVE,OEM
            • Model Number:
            • AP-3L
            • Place of Origin:
            • Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
            • Certificate:
            • CE,ISO
            • Product Size (LXWXH):
            • 190X55X88cm
            • Low position (LXWXH):
            • 190X55X32cm
            • Maximum Angle of the Back:
            • 75°
            • Load Bearing:
            • not more than 159kg
            • N. W.:
            • 35kg
            • 包装细节:
            • Packing Size (LXWXH):195X62X34cm
            • 交货时间:
            • in 1 week


            I. Technical Date:

            1.Product Size (L×W×H):190×55×88cm

            Low position (L×W×H):190×55×32cm
            2. Packing Size (L×W×H):195×62×34cm
            3. Maximum Angle of the Back: 75°
            4. N. W.:35kg  G.W.:41kg
            5. Load Bearing: ≤159kg

            II. How to use:

               1. The stretcher surface is made of soft sponge mattress, which makes patient feel comfortable

               2.Pressing the button under the head of stretcher, the head will be raised or lowered.

            After the stretcher arrive destination, people can pull out the handle (for lifting the stretcher) & so take away the stretcher by two persons.

               3.The fenders are of the return elastic locking .Turning up the fenders for patient’s safety sake. If necessary, safety belt is to be used.

               4.When infusion is needed for patient, IV stand can be inserted in one end of the stretcher.

            III. Applied for:

              Approved by clinic practice, this item is suitable for ambulance, hospital battlefield gym, to carry the wounded & patients. It also can be used in general operation.


            IV. Cautions:

            1. When carrying patients with this stretcher, be sure lock tightly the locking device & turn up. The fenders for safety sake.

            2. In general operation, be careful not to out torn the stretcher surface.


            V. Maintenance:

            1. Keep clean as routine (incl. sterilization).

            2. Often check if any parts loose or not.


            VI. Storage & transportation:

            1. Store this product in the place of damp proof & non-corrosion.

            2. Common transporting vehicle can carry this product.

            3. Upside down is prohibited during transportation & storage. Stack the goods as per the instructions printed on the package.


            VII. Package:

            1. Packed in carton.

            2. Packing list:Stretcher, safety belt fixing rod, IV stand, castors, certificate of inspection, & user’s manual.