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            当前位置: 医疗防护 >标本采集 >一次性医用无菌运输标本棉签




            • Place of Origin:
            • Shandong, China
            • Brand Name:
            • Hiprove
            • Model Number:
            • KA057
            • Disinfecting Type:
            • OZONE
            • Properties:
            • transport the specimen
            • Size:
            • 15cm, 12x160mm
            • Stock:
            • YES
            • Shelf Life:
            • 1years
            • Material:
            • 100% COTTON, PE tube+ wooden or PE stick with cotton
            • Quality Certification:
            • ce
            • Instrument classification:
            • class I
            • Safety standard:
            • EN 149 -2001+A1-2009
            • Certificate:
            • CE/ISO13485
            • Application:
            • transport the specimen
            • Name:
            • Female swab
            • Sterile:
            • EO Gas Sterile
            • Colour:
            • blue
            • swab tip material:
            • absorbent cotton
            • package:
            • Individual or bulk pack available
            • Stick Material:
            • plastic or wooden
            • 包装细节:
            • 2400pcs /ctn
            • 交货时间:
            • about 20 days

            Packaging Details : 2400pcs /ctn ,Ctn size:45*48*40cm,13/12kg
            Supply Ability : 5000000 Piece/Pieces per Week

            This kind of swab is composed of collection swab, tip and PP sealing tube. According to different requirements, the swab stick has optional material like wood, PP or PS. The swab tip material is available in superior absorbent cotton, artificial cotton, polyester fiber.
             Used for sampling from the parts of vagina, urogenital canal, etc.
             Adapted to sampling from the parts of urethra and so on.
            Individual or bulk pack available.

            Our Services:

            1. Can make the OEM.

            2. Ship the goods to your designated place.

            3. Other your request.


            No. Name Specification PACKAGE Note
            KA057 Femole swab 12x160 2000 Wooden stick
            KA057 -1 Femole swab 12x160 2000 Plastic stick
            KA058 Male swab 12x78 3000