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            Current: Products> Medical Consumbles >General Medical Supplies >Sterilization Pouches/Reels

            Product customization service

            Most of the company's products can provide a full range of customized services including product materials, models, functions, packaging. Please contact customer service staff for details.

            Through more than ten years of medical and health product export services, we have accumulated a wealth of industry experience, and can provide professional and personalized services to meet the needs of different customers around the world for personalized and branded customized medical products.

            Sterilization Pouches/Reels
            Quick Details
            • Properties:
            • Medical Materials & Accessories
            • Place of Origin:
            • China (Mainland)
            • Brand Name:
            • OEM
            • Model Number:
            • AN
            • Material:
            • Medical Grade Paper /Film
            • Type:
            • Self-seal or Heat-sealing
            • Feature:
            • The three sided explosion proof
            • Color:
            • Blue or Green
            • Sterilization:
            • Steam,ETO
            • Usage:
            • Packaging for hospital/Clinic
            • Paper weight:
            • 60g or 70g
            • Sample:
            • Freely
            • Certificate:
            • CE/ISO13485/FDA
            Packaging & Delivery
            • Packaging Details:
            • Export Carton
            • Delivery Time:
            • 2-3 weeks
            Product Description

            1) Two different choose. Can be arbitrary intercept length, easy to use or self-sea,convenient
            2) Using multiple of hot seam width different multiple lines, sealing strong, ensuring the safety of sterilization
            3) Size, printing can be made according to customer requirement
            4) It Printed with the sterilization color instructions, sterilization condition clearly
            5) Through the transparent film can be directly observed in disinfection, to avoid any mistakes
            6) Suitable for epoxy ethane or high temperature and high pressure sterilization

            Sterilization reel flat-paper/film

            Feature Disposable,Good bacteria resistance, Clean separation ( when peeling),seal quickly
            Application: Hospital, Dental clinic and laboratory’s sterilization , medical device factory, nail&beauty supply, piercing tattoo supply and family high-temperature etc.


             Heat-seal                                               Self-Seal                                    Paper bag       

            50mm*200m                                  57mm*(100+30)mm                      90*50*150mm

            55mm*200m                                  70mm*(230+30)mm                       90*50*250mm

            75mm*200m                                  90mm*(135+30)mm                      110*30*190mm

            100mm*200m                                90mm*(230+30)mm                      140*75*250mm

            150mm*200m                                135mm*(250+30)mm                    140*50*330mm

            200mm*200m                                190mm*(330+30)mm                    140*50*360mm

            250mm*200m                                200mm*(290+30)mm                    180*95*380mm

            300mm*200m                                200mm*(330+30)mm                    100*50*150mm

            350mm*200m                                230mm*(365+30)mm                    250*100*380mm

            400mm*200m                                305mm*(400+30)mm                    190*65*330mm

            450mm*200m                                400mm*(505+30)mm                    110*45*190mm

            500mm*200m                                500mm*(600+30)mm



            Store in dry, clean place and with temperature below 25°C and humidity below 60% is recommended


            2 years




            Customized requirements(we can make according to your material, size,

            printing(logo/brand) and Packaging)

            Interested in this product, please leave us a message